Printed edition of JOTSE Vol. 8, No. 1 (2018)

Printed edition of JOTSE 8(1)

Language: English

Pages: 103

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink: Black & white

Dimensions (cm): 21.0 wide × 29.7 tall


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Printed edition of Intangible Capital Vol. 14, No 1 (2018): Special Issue: VII Congrés Català de Comptabilitat i Direcció

Printed edition of Intangible Capital Vol. 14, No. 1, Special Issue: VII Congrés de Comptabilitat i Direcció


Language: English

Binding: Perfect-bound paperback

Pages: 222 pages

Dimensions (cm): 21.0 width x 29.7 tall



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L’arquitectura com a marca

L’arquitectura com a Marca

Authors: Anna Pujol Ferran, Oscar Farrerons Vidal

Language: Catalan

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Pages: 120 pages

Dimensions (cm): 18.9 wide x 24.6 tall










Communication has reached all disciplines and themes and Architecture is no exception. The number of buildings, spaces and monuments that have become architectural brands has increased in recent times and are present in several cities around the world. Brands enhance the image of companies, cities and countries, which position themselves as tourist destinations. Certainly, the architects that project them become star architects or simply, architects-brand.


With a singular and differentiating architecture, they are consumer products within this society that seek new challenges both urban and social.


No matter their role, they can be museums, libraries, commemorative monuments or pavilions. First of all they are architectural symbols, which visitors or recipients turn into admired brands.


The following book dip us into the analysis of some of these brands to deepen our understanding of this phenomenon, which is evident growing throughout the 21st century.


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