2nd International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS 2013 - Granada)


Oscar F. Bustinza
Universidad de Granada

In order to provide value-in-use, firms have been encouraged to concentrate on delivering high-value services combined with their products to form solutions that fulfil their customers’ needs. The move from traditional product to service based sales, dubbed ‘Servitization’, is being utilized by manufacturing firms in developed economies to address the five forces that influence an industry’s dynamics and its inherent profitability.

International Conference on Business Servitization is an academic forum that pursues a better understanding and dissemination of this phenomenon. In the second edition, held in the University of Granada (7th-8th November, 2013), researchers across Europe shed light on the topic with novel contributions, analysing Servitization from different angles. These include Operations Management, Human Resource Management, and Business Economics and Engineering. The conference was structured with parallel sessions in English and Spanish. This book of abstracts collects all relevant information about participants and the papers presented.

Cover for 2nd International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS 2013 - Granada)