Física de reactores nucleares I: Un enfoque conceptual

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Authors: Gilberto Espinosa-Paredes, Rodolfo Vázquez Rodríguez

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3926/oss.27 Open Access

Language: Spanish - ISBN: 978-84-943418-4-7

Subject: Technology and Engineering


Abstract: This book is the result of the classes held for more than 25 years in the course of Reactor Physics I at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in the Energy Engineering degree. It is a pioneer course in Mexico in the study of alternative sources of nuclear and renewable energy. However, the way the topics are developed makes it useful to other schools or faculties of engineering.

The book was designed as supporting material for undergraduate students and provides the basis, with a review of fundamentals of nuclear physics, for understanding key concepts of the physics of nuclear reactors such as the interaction of radiation with matter, multiplication factor, reactivity and neutron diffusion theory. Knowledge on all these topics is essential for any student interested in Nuclear Engineering.

Often students have serious difficulties in understanding the basic principles of reactor physics. This shortcoming is evident during the learning process and when solving problems that should apply these principles. Examples are presented for the development of each topic where concepts and defined ideas are illustrated. At the end of each chapter includes a selection of questions and proposed problems is included, so the student can practice and improve their skills in problem solving by herself or himself. The material developed in this book is based on classic books of Nuclear Engineering.


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