New book: Corrosión y preservación de la infraestructura industrial

Corrosión y preservación de la infraestructura industrial

Editors: Benjamín Valdéz Salas and Michael Schorr Wiener

Language: Spanish

Binding: Perfect-bound paperback

Pages: 297 pages

Dimensions(cm): 18.9 width x 24.6 tall




Today’s world, and particularly all productive sectors of the industry, are concerned about the damage that pollution and environmental corrosion together cause, and how this damage seriously affects the development of the global economy.


In particular, corrosion impacts civil infrastructures, consisting of structures and the engineered materials, especially metals and alloys, exposed to water bodies, soil and the atmosphere. This book on corrosion and protection of industrial infrastructures, represents an Iberoamerican effort to generate a reference body useful for the Spanish speaking community. Its chapters contribute not only to solve corrosion problems that arise in industry, but also their prevention and mitigation.


The careful selection of topics and authors made ​​in the edition and compilation of the chapters of this book allows to cover a wide variety of issues concerning techniques for protection and corrosion control of environments, industries, engineering materials, fluids and operating conditions.


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