New book: Aplicaciones de modelos ecológicos a la gestión de recursos naturales

Aplicaciones de modelos ecológicos a la gestión de recursos naturales

Editor: Juan A. Blanco

Language: Spanish

Binding: Perfect-bound paperback

Pages: 217 pages

Dimensions(cm): 18.9 width x 24.6 tall



The world we know is undergoing a major change, due to the ever increasing population and the rise of the industrial and development levels throughout the world.


This change represents a significant increase in the needs of energy, water, food and raw materials to be covered by ecosystems that make up the biosphere in which we live. The dynamism of the society, together with the changes that have already occurred on the planet (pollution, climate change, landscape modification, etc.) leads to the fact that the traditional ways of estimating future production of natural resources are no longer valid, as the ecological, economic and social conditions will be different from what we have experienced so far. For this reason it is essential to use the best tools available, built on rigorous scientific knowledge, to plan the management of natural resources in the medium and long term.


This book provides a review of several models used in carbon management, energy, fisheries and timber resources, which will be of value to scientists, technicians and students related to the sustainable management of natural resources. This book is an example of the combination of science and management to ensure that future generations can have enough resources available to ensure their quality of life.



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