Book review: Modelos ecológicos a la gestión de recursos naturales

The Spanish Association of Earthly Ecologics (Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre) has published recently in its journal Ecosistemas a review about the monograph Applications of ecological models to natural resources management (Aplicaciones de modelos ecológicos a la gestión de recursos naturales), edited by Juan Blanco.


In this review, J. L. Quero praises the great effort made by different authors participating in the work and the great work of Dr. Juan Blanco as editor. Dr. Blanco has achieved a good integration of the several contributions around a common ground: the use of forecasting to solve complex problems.


Quero says: “This makes this book a recommended tool not only for students (and not-so-students) who are wondering – what are models good for? – but also for non academic technicians who want to start using them in their daily management work. Briefly, a motley work for anyone who wanted to learn from models in Ecology and never knew when or how, with the added value of being a material freely available on the net. ”


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