Materiales Sustentables y Reciclados en la Construcción

Materiales Sustentables y Reciclados en la Construcción


Editors: Dr. Gonzalo Martínez Barrera, Dr. Juan Bosco Hernández Zaragoza, Dra. Teresa López Lara, Dra. Carmina Menchaca Campos

Language: Spanish

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Pages: 147 pages

Dimensions(cm): 18.9 wide x 24.6 tall







This book shows an overview of recyclable and sustainable materials, and its use in different constructing materials. The aim of this book is to promote alternative solutions to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by the indiscriminate use of synthetic materials that are used in daily life, and promoting the reduction in the consumption of natural resources and energy.


The book presents a collection of original research that addresses several issues, among which are: expanded polystyrene waste and its use in the manufacture of bricks; rehabilitation of damaged concrete structures using mortar with polyester; corrosion decreased by using “smart containers” recycle made with ceramic; use of polyamides and polystyrene waste from the automotive and packaging industries in the sustainable development of reinforced concrete; as well as studies on the modification of the physical and chemical properties of materials recycling, using gamma radiation and its subsequent use in improving the mechanical properties of concrete materials include particles of automotive tires, PET bottles and Tetra Pak containers.



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