Càlcul I: Problemes

Càlcul I: Problemes


Authors: Mª Carme Leseduarte, Mª Dolors Llongueras, Antoni Magaña

Language: Catalan

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Pages: 194 pages

Dimensions (cm): 18.9 wide x 24.6 tall









Problem solving is essential when learning mathematics. Basically, any engineer in his professional life is devoted to apply their knowledge to solve problems of various kinds. It is therefore necessary prior training.


With this book you are holding we intend to make available to students of the courses Càlcul I and Càlcul Infinitesimal at the School of Industrial, Aeronautical and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa a collection of problems and exercises sufficiently complete and appropriate to their needs, that helps them to perform the necessary previous training and that allows them to learn the material taught in the lectures of these two subjects.


The book is divided into six chapters. The first five are sets of proposed problems covering classical topics of a one variable Calculus course: study of real and complex numbers, derivation and integration of real functions of a real variable, sequences and numerical series. The solutions of all problems are listed in chapter six, together with some hints for problems aiming to develop demonstrations.




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