Propiedades Funcionales de hoy

Propiedades Funcionales de hoy


Editor: María Eugenia Ramírez Ortiz

Language: Spanish

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Pages: 296 pages

Dimensions (cm): 18.9 wide x 24.6 tall










Trends in food consumption has changed. The emergence of illnesses due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and general lifestyle are forcing consumers, doctors and even administrations to promote a healthier diet, given the costs of healthcare of chronic-degenerative diseases, decreases in productivity and quality of life.


The aim of this book is to make a recount of some ingredients with potential to benefit health, starting with fiber, one of the first functional known ingredients. The, peptides with health benefits, such as those coming from cactus fruits, polysaccharides (Konjac and fructanes) are presented. Some plants (wereque, nopal root or Tecoma Stans) may have hypoglycemic and antioxidant activity. Bioactive protection by encapsulation, where in addition to developing a protective barrier against light, oxygen, also allows controlled release. The application of a protein concentrate for the elderly is an example of application of these ingredients. The book ends with reflections about the obesity crisis that we are experiencing today.


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