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OmniaScience offers, following strict quality guidelines and on a personalized assistance basis, a wide variety of products and flexible services adapted to the needs of the academic, scientific and professional communities.

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Edition of scientific journals

The scientific edition of an academic journal is a complex and highly specialized process. Though the editorial quality and integrated services, OmniaScience Journals offers you the possibility of improving the editorial quality of an existing academic journal, or also can give you advice and help to start an academic journal from scratch.


A professional, engaged and experienced team is the key to start with guaranteed success an editorial project with guaranteed success. OmniaScience meets these requirements and takes the responsibility of carrying the editorial process, guiding and advising the customer to achieve its aims as soon as possible.


To do this, OmniaScience offers different editing and advising possibilities according to each customer. OmniaScience can be responsible of analyzing the quality of content, the scientific committees, reviewers, scientific position, among others.


OmniaScience Journals offers different modalities adapted to the needs of developers.



Books edition

Scientific and academic books edition has very specific requirements that makes it different from other editorial processes. In order to accommodate these needs, OmniaScience uses different publishing platforms suited to each area, making possible a wide dissemination in both digital and paper formats. One of the main goals is to give to authors and publishers a simple and quick edition process.


OmniaScience Monographs: Scientific book publications

OmniaScience Scholar: Academic book publications


We carry out a personalized service to authors, with continued monitoring and advice, which follows after the publication process. We seek that the publications reach a high impact and international visibility, working for the indexing and ranking of the publications on the major selling and searching scientific platforms.


Most of our scientific books are published in open access under the CC-NC license. Editorial services advise the author about the best publishing option.


Given the wide diversity of formats and content of scientific books, OmniaScience not set predetermined prices but takes an individualized study and provides an adequate budget in each case.



Conference support

OmniaScience offers comprehensive organizing conferences services, and also specific services around conference organization. In contrast to other companies that only focus on the administrative support and leisure programs, we offer extensive experience in managing the the scientific side of the conference, allowing the scientific committee to focus on the review process, and forget other aspects such as the administrative and technical aspects and the management of communications.


Among the specific services, we offer the possibility to look for appropriate scientific journals to publish a special issue, the publication of the proceedings and monographs of the best presentations, web design or implementation of OmniaScience Conferences, a user-friendly platform for managing papers, among others.



Other products

In addition to our basic services, we also offer other products, in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. We currently offer scientific and development advice to scientific journals who want to improve their impact and visibility, and viability studies for the creation of new publications. In this direction we are working to offer new products to the scientific and academic community.

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