Quality Assurance

OmniaScience is committed to quality as a fundamental principle in all our products and services, working to provide the best value possible. Our values are a spirit of continuous improvement, flexibility, minimizing waste, and personal attention to our stakeholders, continually evaluating the perception of our employees and customers.


Although some processes are non-dependent of OmniaScience, such as in some journals the quality of reviews or feedback that monographic editors offer authors, we evaluate the perception of users of all products in which it participates OmniaScience, performing satisfaction surveys in all aspects. Currently, the satisfaction rates of our services guarantee our quality assurance and guide us towards continuous improvement.


Satisfaction indices Journals:

- Intangible Capital: Author Survey Results

- Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management: Author Survey Results

- Journal of Technology and Science Education: Author Survey Results

- Journal of Airline and Airport Management: Author Survey Results


To guarantee the quality of our journals these are subject to the publication ethics and complaints policy.

Publication Ethics

Complaints Policy


Our action against plagiarism

As part of OmniaScience Publication Ethics, authors or contributors are required to adequately cite and literature sources that they used in their research articles. Plagiarism may be manifested in various ways intentional or unintentional copying or paraphrasing parts of another’s paper without citation, claiming results from research conducted by others.


Crossref Similarity Check logo

is a service that helps editors to verify the originality of academic papers and manuscripts. CrossCheck is powered by the Ithenticate software from iParadigms, known in the academic community as providers of Turnitin.

Over 200 Crossref members donate full-text journal articles and book chapters to create the widest similarity check database available, including more than 50 million documents. This database may not be exhaustive, as it may not include papers from non-Crossref members.


In order to minimize the reception and mainly the publication of plagiarized papers, papers submitted in our journals are going to be checked from March 2017. The content of our journals is added to the Crossref anti-plagiarism database, allowing other publishers to detect plagiarism in papers and manuscripts through iThenticate software.

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