La investigació en l’àmbit de la cadena de subministrament

Albert Corominas


Prospective doctoral students or anybody who wishes to undertake research activities find often difficult to know what research is about, how are the environments where research takes place and how results are presented and communicated. Also, for people who want to make innovative contributions within an organization is important to tell research from what is no, and where to find the results.

In the supply chain field there are two additional difficulties. On the one hand, the lack of a generally accepted definition of the concept of supply chain. On the other, the fact that, alongside research publications, proliferate documents that focus on dissemination research (sometimes falling in the self-help field), presented as legitimate research results.

The text is a tool to answer the questions implicit in the above considerations, in order to reduce the time elapsed between the time that the student decides to do research and when it starts to really do it, and thus contribute to improve productivity and quality of research.

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