Cómo hacer un plan de empresa EUNCET

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Authors: Paola Mastrantonio Ramos, Cristina Cáliz Rivera, María J. Mármol Pérez, Manel Rajadell Carreras, Óscar Coduras Martínez, Xavier Tapias Nadales, Josep Pacreu Torrella

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3926/oss.26

Language: Spanish - ISBN: 978-84-944673-5-6 / 978-84-945603-5-4

Subject: Business and Economics


Abstract: This book is intended as a support tool where you can find all essential materials to develop a business plan.

The book is structured in three blocks of content. The first is focused to develop the business idea; from the business proposal of the initial idea to the business model design and strategic analysis, considering the different environments to take into account and proposing a strategic plan for the company.

The second block is made up of different operational and strategic plans of the company, finding information on the development of business plans: Marketing, Operations, Economic and Financial, Human Resources, Legal and Tax, Contingency and Business Continuity.

The third block is composed of extra material, annexes and bibliography plus a glossary of terms related to business.


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