NPI and ERIH PLUS (Norwegian Publication Indicator)

Recently Intangible Capital, JIEM and JAIRM have been indexed in NPI, NSD (Norwegian Publication Indicator) and JAIRM also in ERIH PLUS.


NSD is one of the largest archives for research data of its kind and provides data to researchers and students in Norway and abroad. Additionally, NSD is a resource centre, which assists researchers with regard to data gathering, data analysis, and issues of methodology, privacy and research ethics. The main objective is to improve possibilities and working conditions for empirical research that is primarily dependent on the access to data. To fulfil this objective NSD works to reduce financial, technical, legal and administrative barriers between users and data resources.

The purpose of the Norwegian Publication Indicator (NPI) is to promote high-quality research and provide an overview of and insight into research activity.


ERIH PLUS, was created and developed by European researchers under the coordination of the Standing Committee for the Humanities (SCH) of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The reference index at NSD is called ERIH PLUS in order to indicate that it has been extended to include the social sciences.



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