OmniaScience Monographs is OmniaScience’s imprint specializing in scientific monographs. We make the most of new technologies without losing the essence of an accessible publisher offering high-quality service, customized assistance and multiple possibilities for the publication and dissemination of knowledge. We offer authors the possibility of publishing in open access format with the aim of increasing the dissemination of academic knowledge in a quick and global manner. We also work with the more traditional modalities of the industry.

Since we believe that the highest added value is provided by the authors, we offer them up to 60% of the profits derived from the sale of their titles, as well as low prices to those authors who wish to disseminate their work, or part of it, in open access format. All of this, without compromising on quality throughout the editorial process.

If you wish to publish a book in OmniaScience Monographs, you may contact us on the contact page of OmniaScience.