Modelos constructivistas de aprendizaje en programas de formación


Noelia Olmedo Torre
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Oscar Farrerons Vidal
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

With more than 20 years of university teaching in technical grades behind them, the authors of this book have been observing for some time how constructivism is an essential part in the process of student training and how the interaction between constructivism and teaching is a determining factor in learning, being of equal or greater importance than the content or the way in which the information is presented.

When planning and implementing their teaching, authors are deeply involved in the GOMS, Learning by Doing and Situated Learning models, as well as Problem Based Learning and the Case Method, which have led them to foster high levels of achievement among their students. They have reported their teaching experience in numerous publications in prestigious journals.

The book that the reader is holding in their hands reviews the most important theories and models of constructivism and tries to shed light on the wide range of methodological proposals in the attainment and development of a higher quality teaching.

Cover for Modelos constructivistas de aprendizaje en programas de formación