Research advances in nanosciences, micro and nanotechnologies (Vol. IV)


Eduardo San Martín Martínez
Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Coordinador de la Red RNMN - IPN 2018 a 2023

New challenges are coming for the National Polytechnic Institute, such as attending to nearshoring in Mexico, that is, the transfer of new factories from the country of origin to one close to the market, which will require research and training of new researchers in the field of semiconductors, for the manufacture of processors or CHIPS. Nanotechnology has and will have an important role in this task, which is why work on semiconductor materials and their applications in luminescence or photoluminescence, optoelectronics will move on to applications on semiconductor substrates and films aimed at manufacturing processors.
IPN researchers should also not neglect their activities aimed at the problems of water, alternative energy, health, food, communications, and the environment, which are still current in terms of the need for improvement and development of new nanometric materials. Therefore, in this volume IV of advances in micro nanoscience and nanotechnology, the results of these investigations are presented and now include an area of materials and semiconductors seeking to develop part of processors.


  • 0-Foreword
    Norberto Domínguez Ramírez
  • 1.1. Nanostructured lipid carriers for cancer treatment: Effect of process parameters on particle size and polydispersity index using experimental design
    Cándido Gómez Lara, Mónica Rosalía Jaime Fonseca, Rocio Guadalupe Casañas Pimentel
  • 1.2. Design of nanomaterials toward the contrast enhancement in mammography images for breast cancer diagnosis
    Y.M. Hernández-Rodríguez, A. Ashok, Oscar E. Cigarroa-Mayorga
  • 1.3. Thermal study of nanocomposites for medical applications
    José Luis Luna Sánchez, José Luis Jiménez Pérez, Zormy Nacary Correa Pacheco, Omar Usiel García Vidal, Ruben Gutiérrez Fuentes, Genaro López Gamboa, Misha Jessica del Castillo Aguirre, Rigoberto Carbajal Valdez, Alfredo Cruz Orea
  • 1.4. Numerical simulation of a PDMs microfluidic channel compatible with biosensors
    Verónica Iraís Solís-Tinoco, Tamara Jennifer Crisóstomo-Rodríguez, Marco Antonio Ramírez-Salinas, Miguel Ángel Alemán-Arce
  • 2.1. Influence of the addition of organic compounds in obtaining gelatin nanofibers
    Wendy Magaly Arias Balderas, Ningel Omar Gama Castañeda, Eduardo San Martín Martínez, Miguel Ángel Aguilar Méndez
  • 2.2. Effect of chitosan, thyme essential oil, and propolis based nanocoatings, on tomato quality during storage at controlled and ambient temperatures
    Zormy Nacary Correa Pacheco, María Luisa Corona Rangel, Silvia Bautista Baños, Laura Leticia Barrera Necha, Rosa Isela Ventura Aguilar, Mónica Hernández López
  • 2.3. Nanoencapsulation of riboflavin in biodegradable polymeric matrices using nanospray drying
    Mónica Rosalía Jaime Fonseca, Violeta Mancilla-Dávalos, Pedro López-Ordaz, Jorge Yáñez-Fernández
  • 3.1. Glycerol electrooxidation for energy conversion using metal nanoparticles
    Martin Daniel Trejo Valdez, Luciana López Escobar, María Elena Manríquez Ramírez, Rodrigo Andrés Espinosa Flores
  • 3.2. Incorporation of Fe-F6 blocks into laminar hydroxides of Fe, Ni: Exploring on the water oxidation reaction
    Ariel Guzmán Vargas, María de Jesús Martínez Ortiz, Carlos Felipe Mendoza, Enrique Lima
  • 3.3. Influence of lanthanum substitution at a-site on structural, morphological and electrical properties of the La_(0.7-x)Ln_xCa_0.3MnO_3 (LN 0 PR, SM, CE) nanoparticles synthesized by Pechini method
    J. Ramírez-Hernández, S.B. Brachetti-Sibaja, A.M. Torres-Huerta, M.A. Domínguez-Crespo, M.A. Aguilar-Frutis, J. Moreno-Palmerín, F. Gutierrez-Galicia
  • 3.4. Photocatalytic generation of hydrogen using titanium and bismuth oxide catalysts
    J.O. Peralta-Cruz, M.L. Hernández-Pichardo, P. del Angel-Vicente
  • 4.1. Influence of chemical structure of organic compounds in the organogel formation for removal of organic solvents
    Gabriela Martínez-Mejía, Brenda Afrodita Berméo-Solórzano, José Manuel del Río, Mónica Corea, Rogelio Jiménez-Juárez
  • 5.1. Reliability of flexible amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O (A-IGZO) thin-film transistors
    Isai S. Hernandez-Luna, Pablo Toledo, Francisco Hernandez-Cuevas, Norberto Hernandez-Como
  • 5.2. Superhydrophobic nanocoating and their mechanical stability for buildings materials application
    J. Sanabria-Mafaile, Eduardo San Martín Martínez
  • 6. Conclusions
    Eduardo San Martín Martínez
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