Banda Ancha Inalámbrica


Andrés Enríquez
Universidad Libre Cali
Jesús Hamilton Ortiz
CloseMobile R&D
Bazil Taha Ahmed
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Today, many of the small businesses, towns located in rural areas and households in general, are requiring higher speed access to the Internet than a traditional modem into a switched connection could offer. There are different ways to achieve this goal, such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), cable modem, fiber optic connection, radio link (microwave, spread spectrum), among others.

This document presents the state of art in the IEEE 802.16 air interface for wireless access systems for supporting broadband multimedia services, as well as the revision of the IEEE 802.16e standard, which is an update and extension of the standard applicable to both fixed and moving environments. Includes IEEE 802.16m in its updated version in IEEE 802.16-2012.

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