Formación profesional, empresa e innovación en España


Mikel Olazaran
Universidad del País Vasco
Eneka Albizu
Universidad del País Vasco

This report provides a contribution to the analysis of the role of workers who had pursued vocational education in the organizations where they are working, especially in innovation processes, in five Spanish industrial regions. The traits considered in the report are the presence of such personnel in different areas and organizational levels, their participation in different innovation strategies, their importance for the competitiveness of the company, as well the as barriers that may hinder greater participation of this collective. Differences between firms by size, sector and innovative profile are considered.

On the other hand, relationships between companies and vocational training centers in its different aspects are studied: training practices in the workplace, job market, continuous training and technical services. The opinion of companies about the academic offer of the vocational education centers and about the quality of skills acquired by graduates from these institutions is also taken into account.

The results were obtained within the research project "Training and innovation system: the role of interim workers in the innovation process of industrial SMEs. Cases of Asturias, Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia", from the National Program for Fundamental Research Projects, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Results are based on surveys of representative samples of industrial companies belonging to these regions and having between 25 and 250 members.


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