Las TIC y la Ingeniería Gráfica


Oscar Farrerons Vidal
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Noelia Olmedo Torre
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The book in your hands evaluates the influence of information and communications technology in the teaching of Graphic Engineering in Spain. The book describes the methodology, the universe and chronological boundaries of the research, and a number of hypotheses are tested in the conclusions.

This book also describes the historical evolution of the Spanish university, the area of electrical and mechanical engineering in Spain and historical teachings, and a brief comparison of what happens in Europe and the United States.

In this work different learning models are described, and special emphasis is placed on the virtual model, whose pros and cons are discussed. The concepts of blended learning, teaching computerization, ongoing assessment and its influence on the curricula are developed. The classic theoretical contents of Graphic Engineering are linked with multimedia engineering and language of virtual reality modeling. Finally, the influence of computer in the learning process and how this can influence differently competencies in engineering graphics is studied.

Cover for Las TIC y la Ingeniería Gráfica