Emprender en la era digital: Tres casos de emprendedores con teoría integrada


Ferran Vendrell-Herrero
University of Birmingham
Estevan Lafuente
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Economic and management textbooks are often difficult-to-digest for students. The links between theoretical developments and practical implications are not clear enough. This book proposes a unified approach, integrating mainstream economic and management literature to the storyline of three entrepreneurial projects in the new digital economy. The analysed cases are real life stories of entrepreneurs whose businesses operate in diverse economic sectors, including erotic photography, cloud computing and programming, and the certification of innovative projects. This book provides to the readers tools to better understand market dynamics, and strategic decision-making processes. The book is a perfect complement for modules on entrepreneurship, business economics and operations management.

Cases' solutions: The authors offer model solutions to problem sets and discussion questions to those lecturers interested in using the textbook in their courses. Material requests are processes via email: f.vendrell-herrero@bham.ac.uk and esteban.lafuente@upc.edu. Be sure to send the email from an address linked to your institutional website. The email subject line should read “Material request: Solutions”, and the body of the email should provide details on which module the book is expected to be used (university, name and specifics of the module, number of students, etc.).

Cover for Emprender en la era digital: Tres casos de emprendedores con teoría integrada