El apasionante mundo de la programación lineal


Federico Garriga-Garzón
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The exciting world of linear programming is the sequel or prequel, in accordance with the interests of each reader, of the text published previously by the same author entitled"Solved problems of linear programming" (Problemas resueltos de programación lineal). In the present work solving linear programming exercises included as well as an appendix in which the necessary knowledge of linear programming for application to problem solving are very briefly presented.

The purpose of the book is eminently didactic, so its publication is exclusively justified for pedagogical reasons. The author intends to accompany students from colleges, engineering and business schools throughout their learning process. It can also be of help to professionals, providing them with a source of information and a method of problem solving within their companies.

Cover for El apasionante mundo de la programación lineal