MRP: Planificación de necesidades de materiales


Manuel Rajadell
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

In this book the operation of a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system is presented, from a practical and extremely visual perspective. Through this book the reader will get to study the various elements of an MRP system, understand the calculations necessary to operate it, identify some of the common problems in its implementation, meet the contributions of MRP II system in relation to MRP and discover the relationship of MRP with other models of production management such as Just in Time (lean manufacturing) and the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

The contents of this book are designed for people interested in knowing and understanding the principles of operation of an MRP: students, managers or middle management of the operations area, and managers who believe that operations management represents an opportunity for improvement for your business.

In the preparation of this book it has taken special interest in incorporating solved cases with the objective of giving the reader the domain of theoretical and technical aspects by working with examples prepared with pedagogical vocation. Authors have looked for an enjoyable introduction to the concepts, and the video introduction meets this aim.

In the first section of the book the basics of material requirements planning are studied: the master production plan, product structure and the explosion of materials, all of this including case studies. In the second part, the capacity planning of resources is introduced and MRPII system is exposed, also proposed and solved cases. In the last section, other management models for production management are presented, such as the pull system, typical of the lean and Theory of Constraints (TOC) philosophy, studying its relationship with the MRP.

Cover for MRP: Planificación de necesidades de materiales