Scientific Design of a Dairy Product aimed at Celiac Patients

Daniel Ramón


After receiving a celiac disease diagnosis, patients need to follow a gluten-free diet. The technological bases of gluten-free products are focused on generating gliadin-free products, without providing any other nutritional benefits. Quite recently we have developed a milk supplement called Proceliac which aims to change this trend in the design of products for celiac patients. The basis of this product is a probiotic called ES1 that has shown strong anti-inflammatory effects in both experiments with human cell cultures and in preclinical animal experiments. The food safety of the ES1 probiotic has been evaluated following the World Health Organization guidelines. Moreover, its genome has been fully sequenced to ensure the absence of genes encoding conflicting proteins. Finally, two clinical trials on healthy adults and children with celiac disease at the beginning of gluten-free diet have been performed with excellent results that indicate this strain’s ability to equilibrate the gut microbiota of celiac patients.

Palabras clave

celiac, product, proceliac, gliadin-free

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