OmniaScience Books s structured in different imprints oriented towards the dissemination of scientific, academic and professional knowledge. Following a high-quality and customized-assistance process, it offers great variety of titles in all knowledge areas. It is currently divided into four imprints:

  • OmniaScience Monographs specializes in publishing scientific books. Its titles are the result of rigorously reviewed research, both empirical and theoretical.

  • OmniaScience Scholar provides students, professionals and scholars with books to improve their knowledge in the different areas of academic specialization, which are focused on higher education.

  • OmniaScience Proceedings ollects publications derived from conferences, sessions and academic and professional events, belonging to all knowledge areas. This collection is a complement to other services, such as the OmniaScience Conferences platform and the complete scientific-secretary service at conferences.

  • OmniaScience Education is the imprint for non-university training. It offers maximum rigor in texts oriented towards middle-school education, high-school education and vocational training.