OmniaScience is a multidisciplinary publisher specializing in scientific and academic publishing, in both open-access and traditional formats. OmniaScience Books offers different imprints adapted to the characteristics of the content, always giving priority to rigor and quality. Without neglecting any format, OmniaScience Books adapts to open-access, electronic and traditional content.


    OmniaScience Monographs

     OmniaScience Monographs specializes in publishing scientific books. Through a rigorous editorial process, OmniaScience Monographs offers quick and efficient dissemination to the scientific and professional community. It offers quality titles in open-access, electronic and traditional formats.

    OmniaScience Scholar

     OmniaScience Scholar provides students, professionals and scholars with books to improve their knowledge in the different areas of academic specialization.

    OmniaScience Proceedings

     OmniaScience Proceedings is a collection oriented towards publishing the minutes of conferences, sessions and seminars of a scientific or professional nature.

    OmniaScience Education

     OmniaScience Education is the imprint focused on middle-school education, high-school education and vocational training.