Electrochemical detection of dopamine using graphite electrodes modified with pamam g4.0 – 64 oh dendrimers in synthetic cerebrospinal fluid

G. Armendariz, J. Manríquez, A. Santamaría, A. Herrera-Gómez, Erica Bustos


Graphite lead electrodes modified with G4.0 – 64OH PAMAM dendrimers (G – PAMAM) were designed, constructed and characterized. Each composite was electrochemically immobilized on previously pretreated graphite, and characterized by several electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques. Then, amperometric calibration plots were constructed to measure the current density of the dopamine (DA) oxidation reaction in synthetic cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

According to the results, the electrode with the best sensitivity, while maintaining low detection and quantification limits, is G – PAMAM. A pencil lead graphite electrode modified with G4.0 – 64 OH PAMAM dendrimers can detect 6.67 nM of DA and quantify 22.24 nM of DA in a cell with two electrodes.

Palabras clave

dopamine, PAMAM dendrimers, graphite, cerebrospinal fluid

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