Digital analysis and treatment for electromagnetic disturbances in biomedical instrumentation

Javier Enrique Gonzalez Barajas, Davis Montenegro


A biomedical instrumentation system is composedfor a set of biosensors to estimate and delivering an approximation of abiological variable. In the acquisition process, the signals can be affected bydifferent types of noises causing a signal distortion; moreover, there are manytypes of noise sources that can be classified in two main groups:  natural sources (caused by physiologicalsystems) and artificial sources (caused by electrical and electronics devicesnear to the biomedical instrumentation system).A typical example of artificial sources ofnoise is the power distribution system; it produces electromagneticdisturbances affecting low voltage signals transmitted using a conductor cable.As result, the original signal is transformed into a composed waveform withdistortion.This chapter provides a guide to simulateelectromagnetic disturbances; making emphasis into the design andimplementation of tools based in digital signal processing for remove undesiredcomponents of the composed waveform. These Tools are applied to remove noisecaused by electromagnetic disturbances in biomedical instrumentation systems.These solutions are implemented throughalgorithms designed in MATLAB and the reader will appreciate the differencebetween traditional and alternatives strategies for the main purpose.

Palabras clave

Instrumentación Biomedica, Tratamiento digital de perturbaciones, linea de potencia eléctrica

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