Other Dietary Proteins besides Gluten could Affect some Celiac Patients

Ana María Calderón de la Barca, F. Cabrera-Chávez


Some patients with celiac disease do not improve even after following a gluten-free diet after diagnosis; therefore, nutritionists and physicians might conclude that this is due to the fact that their dietary recommendations were not strictly obeyed. However, in some cases, this is because these patients suffer from refractory celiac disease; dietary treatment is not the solution for these cases. Some of the cases considered to be refractory improve if, besides gluten, other dietary proteins, such as prolamins from oats (avenins) or maize (zeins) and sometimes, caseins from bovine milk, are withdrawn. Although there are very few published papers about such cases, there are clinical and practical facts, as well as published in vitro and in silico experiments, supporting the idea that other proteins induce an immune response similar to that provoked by gluten in celiac patients. In this chapter, the clinical evidence of these special celiac disease cases is discussed, as well as the information about experimental models and their possible relationship to an immune response against dietary protein antigens other than wheat gluten.

Palabras clave

proteins, gluten, dietary proteins

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