Market and Nutrition Issues of Gluten-Free Foodstuff

Cristina Molina-Rosell, María Estela Matos


Nutritional therapy is currently the unique treatment for gluten intolerance. However, food technologists have been developing gluten free foods without having in mind both the nutritional status and nutrients’ needs. It is important to consider that gluten intolerant patients do not have the same requirements when diagnosed than when they are fulfilling a long-life gluten free diet. Their needs are different at each stage, because of that diet might respond to their nutritional demands and be adapted. This chapter gives an overview of the nutritional pattern of gluten free intolerants at diagnosis, their requirements and how the currently marketed gluten free products meets those needs. In addition, this chapter reviews the tools that food technologist have for enriching the gluten free products, particularly bakery products, in macro- and micronutrients giving response to the consumers. It is also highlighted the role that nutritionist must play in this picture giving proper advice to consumers.

Palabras clave

Nutrition, gluten free, food, bread, bakery products, market, enrichment, micronutrients

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