Advances in the Understanding of Gluten Related Pathology and the Evolution of Gluten-Free Foods

Eduardo Arranz, Fernando Fernández Bañares, Cristina M.Rosell, Luis Rodrigo Saez, Amado Salvador Peña


This book combines a broad information about the basic and clinical aspects of gluten-related disorders and the knowledge of the evolution of bread. These two different areas, are presented in this ambitious volume, with the intention to cover the necessary integration between these fields, that until recently, were wide apart.

To deal in depth with the vision to establish a common platform, our book has three sections. The first one, deals with the basic knowledge of disciplines controlling the immune response to the toxic peptides of gluten. The second, revises the advances in understanding the clinical spectrum of the disorders. The third explores the evolution of gluten, in particular and the bread products most widely consumed in the western world. It also describes the great challenge of the elaboration of gluten-free products of high quality and less expensive than the products at present available in food stores. The authors are recognized investigators and active the field of gluten-related disorders and the evolution of gluten-free products.

Both fields of knowledge are essential for the patients, the physicians and the food industry. If we want to benefit from the recent advances made in the different fields, to improve the quality of life of patients, a common platform is crucial. This book will serve as a first step to this goal. It will be of help to clinical and research scientists, in medicine, immunology and pathology, the professionals in nutritional and health benefits of gluten-free products, regulatory authorities, food chemists and technologists.

Practicing nutritionists, dietitians, industrial bakers, academics involved in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching of gluten related disorders, patients, associations, as well the general public interested in nutrition, may find valuable information in this extensive volume.

Palabras clave

celiac, advances, gluten-free foods, pathology, gluten

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