The social construction of music markets: Copyright and technology in the digital age

Jordi López Sintas, Ercilia García-Álvarez, Sheila Sánchez-Bergara


Just as vinyl records transformed local into national music markets several decades ago, digital technologies and the Internet have recently constructed a new kind of popular music market. Given that the existing legal frameworks impeded this transformation, new legislation was required to accommodate new music consumption patterns and new distributions channels. Peterson’s production of culture framework suggests that popular music markets are being transformed in terms of legislation, technology, industry structure, organizational structure, market demand and occupational careers. Yet it is legislation regarding copyright and related rights that is the key element in limiting or fostering the construction of a new kind of technology-based popular music market. We analyse the role played by legislation and technology in socially constructed music markets and show how these have transformed the music market in the digital age.

Palabras clave

music industries, social construction, copyright, digital age

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